Want to be the voice of your beloved football club? Then why not join our new radio station in the heart of the North East – The RED

We’re on the hunt for charismatic hosts, witty commentators, expert pundits and passionate sports journalists to bring the excitement of the Mighty Boro right to your ears!

As part of our team, you’ll:
✅ Be the go-to source for the latest football news and match analysis.
✅ Interview local players and legends, capturing the spirit of the game.
✅ Engage with our loyal listeners, sharing their stories and emotions.
✅ Broadcast from state-of-the-art studios with cutting-edge equipment.

If you bleed MFC, worship the team, or love the area you live, we want YOU to amplify the passion of the North East football community!

Do you want your voice heard ?

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Contact the Red via the contact form here or WhatsApp.

A: Boho 5, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom


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